About Pure Fishing Magic
    Pure Fishing Magic has been in-the-making for over 30 years. It was originally started by my father, Capt. Jim Ellison; owner of Ellison Custom Tackle and Marine. He specialized in custom fishing rods for over over 30 years. Many of those rods can still be found on boats across the east coast, in the hands of eager sons, daughters and even grandsons and granddaughters who are just now appreciating our passion for fishing. During the summer fishing season he ran charters on the Reeling' & Rockin' out of Ocean City, Maryland, and made some of the finest fishing rods around during the off-season.

    I watched as a young boy, my father make these fishing rods and learned its artistry and beauty. The basic fundamentals of weaving and blank selection were paramount for solid rod construction. As with most endeavors we learn from our fathers, I began looking for ways to become more creative to expand the family business. One day - as fate would have it - I found an article in a fishing magazine explaining how to make your own trolling lures. 

    Armed with some copper tubing, egg sinkers and a cheap casting resin from the hobby shop, my addiction began its journey. I started hand turning all my lures on a lathe, which were beautiful by any standard and produced fish well. However, I noticed slight differences due to the sanding process an that the resin was naturally brittle. I knew lures could be made better, stronger, which lead me down my current "path of no return." 

    As fate would have it, a lure-maker was looking to retire and took me under his wing. He taught me everything he could in hopes I would continue his profession. Because his tutelage, I started using the nearly indestructible, crystal-clear urethane you see in my lures today. This allowed me to eliminate the sanding process, resulting in every head being identical and uniform to the original master. This step is the bedrock to making consistent lures fishermen can trust. 

    As you can tell, lure making has grown from a hobby to an addiction, and finally a way of life. I'm honored to share my passion with you today.

    Lyon Ellison