Small Lures
Speed Machine
Designed from an Original green machine, this single skirted modern improvement is everything its predecessor was only fully customizable from insert material to skirts. (uses one 35mm skirt)
Our price: $27.99
Just like its big brother this little chugger is ready to go. Run'em solo, rigged or as a teaser and watch the action . (uses two 30mm skirts)
Our price: $ 25.95 (Plain soft head shown)
Our price: $28.95 (Urethane head with abalone insert not shown)
This little jet head equipped with 5 jets, streaks just below the surface and will slay mahi-mahi and yellow fin. (uses two 30mm skirts)
Our price: $29.95
Small and versatile. This small slant head made its international debut in Guatemala where it proved a staple for the sail fishing fleet. 
Our price: $33.95
A mahi favorite. This bite size head runs straight just below the surface.
Our price: $27.99