Straight and heavy, this high speed lure is a favorite for tuna, mahi-mahi and whaoo.
(uses two 30mm skirts or TT 45)
Our price: $37.95
Recreated in coordination with the original producer of the Green Monster, this marlin favorite it ready to chug hard. With an improved rear taper, this lure will allow the pelagic predator to slide down the head and onto the hook. (uses two 50mm skirts)
Our price: $39.95
Run it anywhere and you will see why they are called a wide range. An excellent all-around lure and one you shouldn't leave the dock without.
Our price: $ 35.95
7oz makes this the perfect head for Big Eyes and wahoo. Trolls below the surface and is able to handle high speeds.
Our price: $ 37.95
Resembling an original Door Knob this straight runner will be sure to hook you up with some mahi-mahi and yellow fin tuna.
(uses two 30mm skirts or TT 45)
Our price: $34.95
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