Super Hoo-dini
Based off of the popular Hoo-dini. This super sized high speed lure was created to target the biggest of Marlin and Tuna and even wahoo. 
(uses two 60mm skirts) 
Our price: $56.95
XL Plunger does what its intended for. Raises big fish. Run as a teaser or rigged your choice but be ready to hold on!
Our price: $55.95
The name says it all. This super sized swimmer is a true Kona style head with off set leader hole and scoop face. It likes faster speeds and runs 3-4 ft under the surface tracking left and right.
Our price: $65.99
Wide Range
Plain and Simple. This big fella was made popular by the fleet in Coasta Rica. If is the tournament winner your after, this is the teaser you want
Our price: $59.99 (Soft Urethane)
Our Price: $63.99 (Soft Urethane 2 tone as shown)
Our price: 67.99 (Hard Urethane with insert-not shown)
X-Large  Lures